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Contact Details, Location and Prices

Contact Details:

Telephone: 078 453 1030

Ask for 'Lil Wills' or 'Counseling'. As I am often unable to answer the phone immediately please do leave a message on the answerphone. Please leave your number clearly, the answerphone does not record your number. If you are worried about other members of your household discovering you have contacted me, please give instructions how best to contact you privately.

Email: englishcounselling@gmail.com

I aim to answer all email enquiries promptly. If you prefer to be contacted by phone please include your telephone number and I will call you.



Access to Counselling from Kobe or Osaka

Private counseling room in Kobe, also equipped for playwork.

By train: approx 10 minutes from Sannomiya, or 30 mins from Osaka / Umeda. The office is 10 mins walk from Settsu-motoyama (JR) station or 15 mins walk from Okamoto (Hankyu), or Ogi (Hanshin) stations.

Full address and directions will be sent when you make an appointment.

Ground floor office - wheelchair access is possible although there is a slightly raised and narrow door-frame so please confirm measurements. Counseling and training at other locations in Kansai, eg schools or workplaces, may be possible by arrangement.

Web / Telephone Counselling

Although face-to-face counselling is best, for those who cannot attend the office due to distance, etc. internet counselling (by Skype) or phone counselling is possible. Please contact me by email or phone to make an appointment.

Therapy and Counselling  in Kobe, Kansai, Japan

Office Hours:

Usual office hours are Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays, 10am to 5.30pm. (Except public holidays).

Evening appointments (usually Tuesdays) and some weekend appointments are also available for those who are unable to come in working hours.

Appointments are usually available for new clients within 1 or 2 weeks depending on your flexibility. I do my best to find an appointment time that works with your schedule. If your enquiry is urgent please include your full postal address so I can send directions promptly.



An intial brief telephone consultation is free. For survivors of recent domestic violence or sexual assault a full initial appointment is offered free, please ask about this when you make contact or before you pay.

As a guide, full prices are 8,000 yen per 50 minute appointment for adults, 10 000 for children, with reduced fees for people on low incomes on a sliding scale and some discounts available for longer term work. If you are unable to pay the full price please do not be put off contacting me as we may be able to find a solution. Weekly appointments are usually ideal, but if cost or distance is an issue every two weeks or monthly is possible. One-off consultation is also fine. Please ask for a receipt for health insurance if needed.

Please also feel free to call just to find out about your options, or to make enquiries for a friend. There is no pressure to make an appointment.


Home Background & Qualifications Counselling Children, Parents & Families Info for Organisations Other Resources Contact, Access & Prices 日本語
Please contact me if you have further questions or wish to arrange an initial meeting


Telephone: 0081-(0)78 453 1030
email: englishcounselling@gmail.com